About this project

What is our mission?

Most people don't know what the wheelbase is or how it affects their car. A longer wheelbase can make a car more stable and practical, while a shorter wheelbase can make it more agile and exciting to drive.

Carwheelbase.com is here to help you understand the wheelbase and how it affects your car. We have everything from articles on different types of wheelbases to infographics that show you how they work. Visit us today to learn more!

Maybe you think that wheelbase is not so decisive as tires or steering wheel specs. However, the wheelbase has a significant influence on the way your car drives. For example, longer wheelbases can be more comfortable while shorter ones are sometimes more agile. Also, you should know that if the wheelbase is too short, you will also get problems with finding enough space for the engine compartment or cargo area. That's why manufacturers are trying to offer cars that have a moderate length of their wheelbase for everyday use needs.

A long-wheelbase car doesn't need to stay in one lane all the time because it has higher ground clearance, so it will sweep over bumps and pits much easier than a shorter one would do. The driver who is sitting in the front section of this kind of car won't feel every little bump on the road as strong as in the case of a short wheelbase car.

Who is our founder?

I am Matthew S. Fuhr and I`m the founder of Carwheelbase.com. Working as a businessman who enjoys spending my spare time driving around in an old car that I've restored myself in my garage. I love sourcing for new information and trying to create the biggest net of car wheelbases possible.

Since I could drive, I've always been fascinated by cars. However, the more experts I spoke to about them, the more confused I got. From engine displacement to horsepower and torque figures unclearly defined over various automotive communities it was hard to get the answer on what really matters in a car. So after years of research and still lacking proper information about the wheelbases that range from 80 to 110 mm I decided that there has to be a website that can provide all this information for everyone interested in car specifications.