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The segment of full-size pickup trucks is in increased demand in America. The Americans love such vehicles, so almost all major automakers on the overseas market have their version of the pickup in the class. You can also find a similar pickup among Chevrolet, and its name is Chevrolet Silverado.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is known as the classic American car that meets the typical American requirements: the vehicle does an excellent job when you drive on dirty roads, and has the necessary cargo capacity. Its interior has tons of room in all the ways that count most; it contains great powertrain choices that can meet all the needs. But we're here to talk about the Chevrolet Silverado's wheelbase.

What is the wheelbase? Why does it mean so much? Let us explain it by taking the Silverado as an example. It’s a longitudinal distance between the axles of the front and rear wheels in the car. If the wheelbase is large, the more space the passengers will have, and the better will be the ride and comfort. The longitudinal vibrations are reduced. That gives the vehicle a high smoothness of the ride and makes the car more stable on the road and predictable in turns. A short wheelbase helps the vehicle better fit into sharp turns, improves maneuverability, and increases cross-country ability; therefore, the use of a short wheelbase is most justified on SUVs.

Ok, if it's all clear, let's take a look at the Silverado's wheelbase.

With the Chevrolet Silverado, you have three choices of the cab configuration – Regular Cab, Double (or sometimes known as the Extended) Cab, and the Crew Cab. Like its main rival, Ford F-150, every cab style has its wheelbase: for the Regular cab – 139.5 in; for the Double Cab – 147.4 in (for the Trail Boss model – 147.5 in); for the Crew Cab – 147.4 in (with 5' 8'' box), 147.5 in (for the Trail Boss version with 5' 8'' box), 157 in (with 6' 6'' box), 157.1 in (for the Trail Boss with 6' 6'' box).

We've already known that the wheelbase affects the passengers' space. Does Chevrolet provide enough space for the Silverado's passengers? Yes, it does. With 82,99 inches of headroom, 79,77 inches of legroom, and 130,94 shoulder room, be sure that every adult passenger will have plenty of space, and feel comfortable and relaxed, especially during long rides.

If you care about the ride's smoothness, thanks to the wheelbase, on the road the Chevrolet Silverado delivers a smooth ride and some of the best handling dynamics in its class. Off-road, the Silverado also does a great job on rocky trails.

There's one crucial thing left about the wheelbase –the turning radius. When it comes to it, we must admit that Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has a smaller turning radius in comparison with Ford F-150 – 22,3'. It allows you to get in and out of tight spots more easily.

 We see how the wheelbase affects the vehicle, especially on such vehicle like the Chevrolet Silverado. So when choosing the crossover, SUV, or truck, we recommend always consider the wheelbase. As you now know, it plays an important role.


Longer Chevrolet Silverado 1500 wheelbase provides a more stable and comfortable ride at higher speeds while shorter wheelbase has better ramp-over angle, more agile off-road, and better turning circle.

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