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The Honda CR-V has become an essential part of the compact SUV world since its introduction in 1995, defining a new vector for a generation of family car buyers and then regularly topping the SUV bestseller lists worldwide. It was initially a truly global model, as it was sold in 130 countries.

The crossover Honda CR-V of the fifth generation is a striking representative of its class. Sitting in its cabin, you can feel the auto industry's rapid development, feel innovations in mechanics and design, and appreciate the absolute ergonomics and respectability of the vehicle.

The stylish crossover from Honda launched on the market in 2017 is characterized by aggressiveness, despite the reasonably smooth body lines. The rims' improved appearance, the expressive relief of the radiator grille and bumper give it a greedy look.

All these things are great, but here, we'll discuss the CR-V wheelbase in this post. This spec shouldn't be underestimated. From its length the quality of ride, the comfort of the cabin, the stability, and turning circles depend. Let's take a brief look at the Honda CR-V's wheelbase to know what drive we'll have with this crossover. 

The Honda wheelbase has experienced growth during its history. The CR-V of first-generation had a wheelbase of 103 in (2,620 mm). The second and third generations' wheelbase is almost the same, and the fourth generation has a wheelbase of 2630 mm. The CR-V model line of the current generation has a wheelbase of 104.7 in (2,659 mm). It's a little less if we compare it with its main rival, the Toyota RAV4.

Let's go further. Let's speak about how the wheelbase affects the ride's quality and passenger volume. 

For its crossover, Honda provides great passenger space. The volume is rated at 105,9 feet. Your passengers will definitely have enough space to accommodate and stretch out their legs with such cabin space, especially during long rides. That's why the CR-V is considered to be a perfect vehicle for family adventures. 

The wheelbase of any vehicle is essential not only because it affects a vehicle's weight balance, handling, ride quality, and steering. The distance between the tires determines how smooth the ride will feel. The longer the wheelbase, the smoother the ride. Does the CR-V give this a smooth ride? 

Yes, with the Honda CR-V you'll get a smooth ride. Its ability to glide over rough surfaces is one of this SUV's outstanding features, and the high-profile 235/60 R18 tires deal happily with gravel roads and potholes.

The turning circle of any car is also dependent on the wheelbase. It is the smallest circle that the car can turn or U-turn within. The vehicle with the long-wheelbase can't as sharply as a vehicle with a short wheelbase. So, what about the Honda CR-V?

Its turning circle is short – 11 meters. It means that it's easy-to-maneuver in tight spaces, such as cities. With a smaller radius, parking with CR-V is easier, and driving in hard-to-reach places such as off-roading.

Here we've shared everything we know about the CR-V wheelbase. Before choosing the crossover, take a look at this post. It'll help decide if the CR-V suits your driving needs.


Longer Honda CR-V wheelbase provides a more stable and comfortable ride at higher speeds while shorter wheelbase has better ramp-over angle, more agile off-road, and better turning circle.