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For what do we value the American cars? We appreciate them for their high-quality assembly, special equipment, and stylish look. We can say about SUVs that they are not designed for power and unique character, but not fuel economy. Some years ago the legendary Dodge brand separated the production of Ram pickups into a separate line. With its launch, such monsters as Ford, GM, and Chevrolet had to make room, as it offers strength, excellent performance, and durability in one combination.

When the customers search for the truck, they not only look at the performance, cabin space, technology, and safety features. They also look at the wheelbase. From its ratings, the smoothness of the ride, comfort of the ride, interior space, turning radius, and behavior in different road conditions depend. So now let’s take a look at Ram’s wheelbase. 

The model line of the Ram 1500 is presented in three cab styles – Regular Cab, Quad Cab, and the all-new Crew Cab. The wheelbase of every cab configuration is the following – the Regular Cab has a wheelbase of 3061 mm (single rear wheels). The Quad Cab’s wheelbase is rated at 3569 mm (single rear wheels). The Crew Cab wheelbase is measured at 3673 mm (144.6 in) with the short bed and 3899 mm (153.5 in) with the long bed. 

These are the wheelbase measurements that all Ram 1500 trim levels have. And what about the TRX, the brand-new trim level for the 2021 model year? The makers gave it an impressive look. It looks like a real giant with 916 mm long and 2235 mm wide with a wheelbase of 3685 mm. 

The Ram 1500’s wheelbase is rather great. And now let’s figure out how it affects one of the American’s favorite pickup’s other specs. 

As we know, the cabin dimensions directly depend on the wheelbase. With the Ram 1500, you’ll have plenty of space for not only passengers but also for cargo in the bed. The Quad Cab provides 117.2 cubic feet of overall passenger volume, and the Crew Cab offers 132.4 cubic feet of passenger space. With such dimensions, the front and rear passengers will have enough room to get settled on the comfortable seats and enjoy the ride. 

Do you wonder if the wheelbase helps the Ram 1500 provide a smooth ride? As the Ram 1500 has a long wheelbase, it gives a smooth drive. It also contributes to the truck’s stability at high speeds.

The wheelbase also affects the turning circles of the vehicles. If we compare the Ram’s turning radius with other rivals, Ford and Chevy, we’ll see the Ram beats on them. With the turning circle of 24,4’, you can make tight turns.

Well, now you know everything about Ram’s wheelbase. If you look at this pickup truck, look at its wheelbase and decide if it suits all your driving needs. We’ll give you one advice – with Ram 1500 you’ll have a great and comfortable ride on the road and off the road! 


Longer RAM 1500 wheelbase provides a more stable and comfortable ride at higher speeds while shorter wheelbase has better ramp-over angle, more agile off-road, and better turning circle.